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My Favorite Paleo-Friendly Snacks

Does doing your own meal prep save you money? 

When it comes to the paleo diet, meals are more or less easy to figure out.

Find a couple go-to paleo recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and you’re set for years. But meals aren’t enough to keep an active person going throughout the entire day.

That’s where paleo snacks come in. I know, “Ugh, more food to figure out??”.

But it’s really not that tricky and, like with meals, once you get your favorites sorted out, you’ll be good for ages. Plus, I’m here to help give you suggestions of my personal favorite paleo snacks. 

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A Childhood Favorite

Here’s a classic you probably remember from your summer camp days.

Apples, sliced thin (so they last longer), with peanut butter to dip or drizzle over top.

A glass of whole milk (or non-dairy alternative like coconut milk) or water with half a scoop of protein powder on the side and you’re satiated for a good hour or two.

This and That

Another lighter, simple paleo snack I love: a whole cucumber with deli meat and paleo ranch dressing.
Turn them into tiny, bite-sized open-faced sandwiches for an even more fun eating experience.

A Little Meatier

Looking for a bit of a more substantial snack?

Try my favorite turkey wrap. It starts with two ounces of your favorite deli turkey (ideally an uncured one. Bacon works too!).

Wrap it up in romaine or butter lettuce with your choice of toppings. I like pickles, peppercinis, spinach, olives, and a selection of veggies.

Add a spread like Rosemarys Chipotle Mayo or a hummus (choose a brand made with olive oil) to bring it all together.

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Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potato Fries with Chipotle Mayo

Another option on the more hearty side, this snack will quiet down even the grumbliest tummy.

Check out this video to see how I make them.

A Starbucks Stop

Making a quick stop at Starbucks and looking for a paleo-friendly snack?

The two best ones are the Eggbites (bacon or egg white are both good) and That’s Fruit Bars - any flavor. 

A Sweet Treat

Throw it back to the simpler days with some berries and cream.

Use whatever berries you like; I prefer blackberries. Put them in a small cup with two to three tablespoons of mascarpone cheese or coconut yogurt.

It tastes so indulgent but is packed with nutrients and protein.

On the Go

If you just want to grab something quickly to bring with you on your errands or to eat during your commute, my go-to is a handful of macadamia nuts.

They’re surprisingly very filling, and the most nutritious nut.

Avocado - That’s It, That’s the Snack

Sometimes, nature gives us something so delicious and healthy that it feels like a gift.

That’s how I feel about avocados. They’re so good on their own; the only preparation you need is sprinkling them with a little salt and a few red pepper flakes and a light drizzle of olive oil over top.

Sounds amazing, right? In fact, I might go have one right now.



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