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Meal Prep Nutrition and Performance Go Hand in Hand

Does doing your own meal prep save you money? 

When you’re having a hard time focusing at work, you may not think that the breakfast you ate that day has anything to do with it. But the truth is that it might. Because what you eat does more than affect your performance at the gym and your health in the long run.

It can also impact your performance at the workplace and in your studies. That’s why leaving your diet up to chance can be so risky.

Not having enough time to cook and grabbing a quick bite at your local fast food joint isn’t just going to make your tummy feel funny; it can also be the unexpected reason why you’re making bad decisions or having a hard time concentrating at your job.

What can help? Meal prep. After all, there’s a reason why using meal prep services or introducing weekly meal prep time into one’s routine has become so common these days.

It’s one of the best ways to guarantee you’re going to eat healthy, which in turn helps you perform at your best.

So let’s dive into what exactly the relationship between nutrition and performance is, and how meal prep delivery can maximize both.

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Your Diet Can Affect Your Focus and Energy

We know that food fuels us. But most of us tend to think of that as a physical phenomenon, like food is the gas that keeps our bodies running.

But your brain is part of your body, too, and your diet is equally responsible for keeping you functioning cognitively as it is physically. In fact, your brain is a pretty energy-hungry organ.

Even though it only makes up 2% of our body’s weight, it eats up 20% of our energy. The brain runs almost exclusively off of glucose as its source of energy, which we get from our diet when we eat carbohydrates.

Fat also plays a big role in your brain’s healthy function, as it is used to maintain and transmit information between neurons. Long story short, just like how your muscles aren’t going to have as much energy if you don’t eat a healthy diet, neither will your brain.

What will this look like in action?

Less focus, poorer attention span, and less energy. And you can imagine what kind of effect that has on you when you’re trying to do a task that requires you to concentrate and think hard.

Your Diet Affects Your Decision-Making

If you have the type of job that involves making important decisions, then you want your brain to be working at its best, most strategic, and quickest throughout the workday.

And that’s not something you’ll be able to do if you’re hungry. Because when your body wants to signal you to eat, it releases a hormone called ghrelin.

In addition to telling you you’re hungry, ghrelin also impacts impulsivity and decision-making capabilities. In fact, you’ve probably already seen this at work. Snickers has even made a whole marketing campaign about it.

When you’re hungry, you’re just not yourself.

And if you’re so focused on food that you’re not 100% there mentally, how can you possibly make sound decisions?

Having low self-control isn’t just more likely to make you choose foods that aren’t the healthiest; it could also potentially play a role in bad choices at work. 

Your Diet Can Make You More Creative

Now, what about those of us whose jobs require us to be creative, innovative, and come up with lots of good ideas?

Your diet can affect those abilities, too.

There’s actually a study that showed that the more fruits and vegetables people consume, the more creative they tend to be at work. Not only that, but they also typically will feel more happy and engaged, which can play a huge role in your motivation and job satisfaction.

Because healthy foods like fruits and veggies are packed full of nutrients that can actually release dopamine (the neurotransmitter that makes you happy) and improve mood.

And you probably already know how much your mood can impact the way you approach your workday.

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Meal Prep for Success

So the implications are clear: a healthy diet can make you happier, more creative, and more productive at work. But how can you assure that you’ll actually eat in the way that’ll lead to all of these benefits?

After all, workplaces are full of temptations and distractions that can make it hard to stick to a healthy diet. (That’s part of why it can be so tough to maintain a specialized diet like paleo or keto when you work an office job).

Well, sometimes the simplest answer is the most effective: planning ahead. Meal prep, or when you prepare whole meals and dishes ahead of time to eat later on, is an incredibly useful way to eat a healthy diet.

By having the food ready before you need it, you can avoid being hungry and having your energy levels crash, or being tempted to reach for a convenient and not-so-nutritious option.

Making it easier to make good, healthy food decisions is the reason why there is so much excitement about meal prep for weight loss, but it’s really a wonderful option for anybody who wants to live a healthy lifestyle.

One of the tougher parts of meal prepping can be coming up with meal prep recipes and healthy meal prep ideas, especially without getting bored by using the same go-to easy meal prep options over and over again. But that’s where meal prep delivery comes in.

The best meal prep services can save you time, help you meet your nutritional goals, and keep your brain functioning at its best, all while offering delicious dishes you won’t get bored of.

Whatever approach you end up taking to your nutrition, the important thing is to know how much healthy eating can help you - not just in the gym and in the lifelong fight to avoid diseases, but also in the workplace you go to every day.



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