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Hi there!

It's Rose at Rosemarys Farm to Fork here! I wanted to welcome you and let you know how excited and happy I am that you're checking out our premium paleo meal prep delivery service! 

As a Community Fitness Davis member myself, I know how important nutrition is to you.

After all, we wouldn't show up for the WOD day after day knowing how hard or uncomfortable it's going to be if we didn't care about out health.

Working out and staying active is a big piece of the puzzle... it takes time, motivation and will-power.

That's why I wanted to give you TWO FREE individual meals and deliver them to your home so you can try out just how convenient and delicious my Paleo meal prep service is! 

Our meals are paleo, gluten free, dairy free and made from the freshest organic ingredients from local farms!

Get them delivered RIGHT here to CFD OR to your home twice a week.

All you do is select your favorite meals from our weekly rotating menu.

We do the work of fully preparing and delivering your menu choices. Simply reheat them and eat them throughout the week!

Glad you're still reading but what are you waiting for?! Pick out your desired menu items from our menu page below, when you check out, input the code "CFD" and your two meals will be absolutely free.

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Our cafe and meal prep kitchen is strategically located in Northern California surrounded by some of the most bountiful organic farms in the country.